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Proscenium is a mature 10-man raiding guild, currently working on progression through Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar. Our guild was founded on a few basic principles: All raiders are to be treated as equals. Decisions are to be made communally and transparently. Our loot system strives to further our success rather than hold it back. Players are expected to research strats and work together to adjust them to our needs. Additionally, we believe that raid leaders are meant to help organize a team, not command them. Oh, and most importantly, having fun at other peoples expense! Hahaha.. just kidding. Maybe.

As an aside, we're looking to expand into a 20-man raiding team for Mythic content coming in Warlords of Draenar. If interested, please submit an application! 

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Heroic Thok down !

by ~Timpani, 1035 days ago

As a kid, I always loved dinosaurs...

After Thok...Ok, I still love dinosaurs...But I hate this bastard.

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Heroic Spoils Down !

by ~Timpani, 1053 days ago

Few things with this kill:

Yes, we killed it last week and forgot to take a first kill pic

Pretend the noodle cart is the loot chest that appears after the kill 

Finally, yes, Sin is an asshat...

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We're still around !

by ~Timpani, 1063 days ago

More Updates will be coming !

Our website management has just been a bit...lacking...but that's changing now, so please stay tuned for updates !

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